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This is a tool for switching your HOSTS file off or on.. I wrote it to work in conjunction with the HOSTS file provided by located here for download.. The program also has an Edit File button for quick editing of your hosts file to add or remove entries.. This is really the first VB app that I've put out.. I've played around with a few others but never really finished them.. I know it's nothing fancy, but it does it's job.. I hope you enjoy it..

Requirements: .Net 2
Download here

Update (25FEB2010): I've been getting emails about errors and whatnot with the application running on newer systems. I haven't done any looking into whether it's issues specific to Windows Vista/7 or if it's issues related to .NET updates/changes. I'll spend some time over the next couple weeks and see what I can find. I'll probably build a new app from the ground up to address any issues I find as well as add some new features. I won't take away any existing features. I wrote it to be simple and good at what it does so I don't plan to change it much. If there are any requests, feel free to contact me.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions to improve it, please feel free to email me at hostswitch AT woodenpickle DOT com..

Click here to download - 7.7k (zipped)


Host File Switcher